Occurrence of species of plant parasitic nematodes (Nematoda) in raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) and blackberry (Rubus fruticosus L.) in some orchards in Turkey

Abstract :

There are a lot of harmful organisms that effects the efficiency of the Raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) and Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus L.) orchards which has an important place growth in Turkey. The main aim of the study was to determine the plant parasitic and virus vector nematodes in the raspberry and blackberry plants. In this study, soil samples were taken from Bursa, Düzce, Isparta, Mersin, Yalova, Muğla, Giresun and Bartın (Turkey) provinces in May-June and September-October 2015-2016. Thirty four species were determined belong to the superfamilies Tylenchoidea, Anguinoidea, Hoplolaim, Dolichodoroidea, Aphelenchoidea, Aphelenchoidoidea and Longidoridea for the orders Tylenchida, Dorylaimida and Aphelenchida (Nematoda). All of them were recorded for the first time in raspberry and blackberry in the Turkey. In this species, Tylenchus elegans de Man, 1876, Basiria solomonenesis, Ye and Geraert, 1997, Scutellonema bradys (Steiner & LeHew, 1993) Andrassy, 1950, S. labiatum Siddiqi, 1972 and Amplimerlinius parbati Zarina & Maqbool, 1990 are determined for the first time in the nematoda fauna of Turkey.

Keyword :

Raspberry, Blackberry, Rubus idaeusRubus fruticosus, plant parasitic nematodes, virus vector nematodes, Nematoda, Turkey

Author(s) : Çalışkan, S., Kepenekci, İ.
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Published Issue : 2022 Vol. 17 Supplement

2022 Vol. 17 Supplement