Daily variation in the biochemical composition of the antennal muscles of the american cockroach, Periplaneta americana.

Abstract :

American cockroach, P. americana is one of the commonest cockroaches infesting buildings worldwide through their various nocturnal activities. The insect antenna plays a significant role in their various nocturnal activities, it helps insects to determine the position, shape, and texture of surrounding objects in the dark, thus the aim of this study is to determine the circadian variations in the concentrations of enzymes, organic and inorganic substances in the antennae muscles of P. americana within 24hours in Abeokuta, Nigeria. The day was divided into four: 00:00(12am), 06:00(6am), 12:00(12pm) and 18:00(6pm) hrs GMT and samples were collected at these hours. Enzyme activities (amylase, lipase, proteinase and α- glucosidase), organic (glucose, protein and lipids) and inorganic (Na+, K+, Ca2+, Cl- Fe2+, Mg2+ and PO4) composition of these tissues were determined using standard analytical methods. The four enzymes were present throughout the 24hours in antennae muscles at different activities. Significantly (p<0.05) higher enzymes activities were measured during the night (between 00:00 and 6:00 hours GMT) than during the day (12:00 hrs). Protein, Glucose and Lipid in antennae muscles were observed at various times. The concentrations of inorganic substrates were significantly (p˂0.05) higher during the night than day period in the muscles. This study shows that the activities of the enzymes and inorganic substrates detected in the antennae were significantly (p˂0.05) higher during the early hours of the night than day hours, suggesting night hours as the peak period of activity of these Cockroaches.

Keyword :

Antennal muscles, cockroaches, metabolites, enzymes

Author(s) : Iyeh, C. I., Ademolu, K. O., Osipitan, A. A., Idowu, A. B.
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Published Issue : 2022 Vol. 17 Supplement

2022 Vol. 17 Supplement