Corological notes on some species of Pygopleurus (Coleoptera: Glaphyridae) from the Greek Island of Lesbos

Abstract :

The authors report the presence of five species of Pygopleurus from Lesbos Island (Greece), of which Pygopleurus kareli (Petrovitz, 1962), Pygopleurus labaumei (Petrovitz, 1971) and Pygopleurus medius (Petrovitz, 1957) are new for Greece and therefore for Europe. They also made ​​some observations on intraspecific variability of Pygopleurus labaumei (Petrovitz, 1971), Pygopleurus medius (Petrovitz, 1957) and Pygopleurus vulpes (Fabricius, 1781).

Keyword :

Pygopleurus, Lesbos, taxonomy, chorology, Glaphyridae

Author(s) : Bollino, M., Ruzzante, G.
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Published Issue : 2015 Vol. 10 Number 1

2015 Vol. 10 Number 1