Contributions to the Lepidoptera fauna of Turkey based on specimens present in the Lodos Entomological Museum, Turkey (LEMT) Part I: Bombycoidea, Cossoidea, Geometroidea, Zygaenoidea

Abstract :

In this study, material belonging to six families of of Bombycoidea, Cossoidea, Geometroidea and Zygaenoidea housed in the collection of Lodos Entomological Museum, Turkey (LEMT) have been evaluated. A total of 50 species belonging to 35 genera have been presented.

Keyword :

Fauna, Saturniidae, Sphingidae, Cossidae, Sesiidae, Geometridae, Zygaenidae, Turkey, biodiversity

Author(s) : Tezcan, S., Can, F., Karsavuran, Y.
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Published Issue : 2022 Vol. 17 Supplement

2022 Vol. 17 Supplement