Biodiversity of Thysanoptera in the Sistan region of Iran

Abstract :

The Thrips (Thysanoptera) fauna of Sistan region, Iran, was studied during (2009-2010). A total of 17 species representing 8 genera belonging to 3 families were collected and identified. Aeolothrips eremicola Priesner, 1938 is a new record for Iran fauna. In A. eremicola middle and hind tibiae are white at tips. Cross-bands of fore wings are narrowly united at posterior margin of for wings. In male, abdominal segment IX without claspers. For the fauna of Iran, locality and date of collection, host(s) and distribution data for each species are provided.

Keyword :

Sistan, Iran, Fauna, Thrips, Thysanoptera

Author(s) : Zolfaghari, M., Ravan, S., Moghadam, A. F., Rashid, B.
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Published Issue : 2015 Vol. 10 Number 1

2015 Vol. 10 Number 1