Two new earthworm genera Yorubadrilus and Nemertodriloides and first record of Malodrilus Michaelsen, 1903 (Oligochaeta: Eudrilidae) from Nigeria

Abstract :

Two new earthworm genera and species, Yorubadrilus ogbomosoensis and Nemertodriloides agoiwoyeensis from Ogbomoso and Ago-Iwoye respectively are described. Also the earthworm genus Malodrilus is here reported for the first time in Nigeria. Yorubadrilus and Nemertodriloides belong to the subfamily Pareudrilinae, lacking both calciferous glands and ventral oesophageal sacs, while Malodrilus belong to the sub-family Eudrilinae. Yorubadrilus ogbomosoensis is similar to the genus Chuniodrilus in having the same positions for their spermathecal and male pores i.e. mid-ventral in furrow 12/13 and 17/18 respectively, the pores are however, paired in Yorubadrilus, but single in Chuniodrilus. Also the spermathecae is diverticulate in Yorubadrilus but not in Chuniodrilus. The genus Nemertodriloides is compared with Nemertodrilus with which it shares spermathecal pores in 13/14 and holandric male system, however while Nemertodriloides has penial setae and forms ovospermatheca, Nemertodrilus lacks penial setae and only has an approximation of the ovarian and spermathecal systems. A new species of Malodrilus, M. jebbaensis was collected from Jebba, Kwara State, Middle Belt of Nigeria. Again, contrary to the earlier definition of the genus, M. jebbaensis sp n. possesses a pair of penial setae. This record shows that the genus Malodrilus, which had been earlier described as been restricted in distribution to East Africa may also have a spread towards the West African Region

Keyword :

Earthworm, Malodrilus jebbaensis, Yorubadrilus ogbomosoensis, Nemertodriloides agoiwoyeensis, Eudrilidae, Pareudrilinae

Author(s) : Aladesida, A. A., Owa, S. O.
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Published Issue : 2017 Vol. 12 Number 2

2017 Vol. 12 Number 2