The spider fauna of Maldive Islands in Indian Ocean (Araneae)

Abstract :

The present study documents the diversity and characteristics of spider families occurring in the coral islands of Maldives in Indian Ocean. The faunistic survey yielded 57 species of spiders belonging to 35 genera and 17 families. Araneidae was the most dominant family recording 12 species belonging to 7 genera. On species level, Tetragnatha mandibulata Walckenaer, 1842 was the dominant species. Guild structure analysis revealed six feeding guilds, namely orb weavers, stalkers, ground hunters, foliage runners, scattered line weavers and ambushers. Orb weavers and stalkers were the dominant feeding guilds representing 35% and 22% respectively of the total collection. 12 genera namely Artema, Crossopriza, Argyrodes, Latrodectus, Linyphia, Neoscona, Pardosa, Clubiona, Martensopoda, Thanatus, Bavia, Myrmarachne are reported for the first time from Maldives

Keyword :

Maldives, spiders, diversity, oceanic islands

Author(s) : Sunil, J. K.
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Published Issue : 2012 Vol. 7 Number 1

2012 Vol. 7 Number 1