The geographical variation of Carabus (Eucarabus) parreyssi Palliardi, 1825 with description of two new subspecies, Lectotypes designation from Paul Born Collection

Abstract :

In the last years a number of field researches carried out in the Western part of Balkan Peninsula given us the opportunity to better understand the geographical variation of Carabus (Eucarabus) parreyssi Palliardi, 1825. We found that the species has a larger distribution in the Former Yugoslavia Countries (Croatia, Bosnia Hercegovina, Montenegro and Serbia) than known in the past. Although the species is variable between the different populations and according to the characteristic of the habitats, it is possible to recognize several well distinguished geographic subspecies. We found two remarkable forms that we describe as new subspecies in this paper: C. parreyssi paulborni n. subsp. and C. parreyssi durmitoricola n. subsp.

Keyword :

Carabus parreyssi, Carabus catenulatus, new subspecies, Croatia, Bosnia Hercegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Lectotype, Paralectotypes

Author(s) : Rapuzzi, I., Kleinfeld, F.
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Published Issue : 2018 Vol. 13 Number 2

2018 Vol. 13 Number 2