Taxonomic accounts of horse flies (Diptera: Tabanidae) from arid zone, part of Chotanagpur Plateau, West Bengal

Abstract :

A total of eight tabanid species under four genera and single subfamily are found in arid zone of West Bengal. Among them single species namely Tabanus dorsiger Wiedemann, 1821 are reported for the first time from this region of West Bengal. Their taxonomic keys for identification and diagnostic accounts are discussed along with their distribution pattern where deemed necessary

Keyword :

Tabanidae, Taxonomy, New record, Distribution, Arid zone, West Bengal

Author(s) : Maity, A., Naskar, A., Hazra, S., Sengupta, J., Parui, P., Homechaudhuri, S., Banerjee, D.
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Published Issue : 2017 Vol. 12 Number 2

2017 Vol. 12 Number 2