Study on biology and population fluctuations of leaf miner Agromyza sp. on chickpea in Khomeyn Region (Iran)

Abstract :

The population fluctuations of leaf miner Agromyza sp. was selected on chickpea. It was from last decade of May until the end of July 2010 in chickpea farm in the National Center of Bean researching in Khomeyn-Iran. The larvae, pupa and adult stages were surveyed. The sampling of larvae was done for three times a week in two leaves period. The sampling of pupa was done two times a week. For determining of adults population was used from yellow sticky card. The sampling was performed three times a week and were changed the cards at the end of two week. The highest population density was recorded for larvae, pupa and adult leaf miner population in the first decade of June 2010. The egg stage takes 6 days, larval stage usually takes 4 days with 3 instars, pupa stage takes 2-7 days till 2 months depending on environmental conditions. The adult insect life long is 8 days. The duration of each generation is 18-25 days. This pest lives on chickpea for three generations. The highest altitude of adult insect population was in the first decade of June

Keyword :

Chickpea, Leaf miner, Agromyza sp., Population fluctuations

Author(s) : Changizi, S., Goldasteh, Sh., Shoushtari, R. V., Changizi, M., Najafabadi, S. S. M.
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Published Issue : 2012 Vol. 7 Number 1

2012 Vol. 7 Number 1