Research on insects biodiversity in Nansi Lake, Shandong Province, China

Abstract :

According to Nansi Lake vegetation habitat differences in different areas, the insect diversity has carried on the system investigation. Six different habitats were selected as the monitoring, monitoring of selected objects are collected. A total of 14620 samples, belonging to 8 orders 57 families and 218 species, of which the dominant species are Coleoptera, Himiptera, Lepidoptera, Orthoptera. Respectively adopted Margalef abundance index (D), Shannon-Wiener index (H), Jaccard similarity coefficient (Q) to analyze the insect diversity and similarity of comparative of six different habitats. The insect community in Shannon-Wiener index (H) showed some differences: Nanyang > Liangcheng > Huancheng > Xinxuehe Wetland > Fucun > Weishan Island; From the perspective on the number of species and individuals, the largest number of insects in Liangcheng and Weishan Island, and richness indexes also higher than other samples. Form the insect similarity analysis, we can find that the six sample similarity indexes of Jaccard similarity coefficient (Q) more than 0.5 even u than 0.75, which illustrates the insert community of six samples are similar to the medium of it in the plot, illustrating that the insects of the wetland habitat environment of space heterogeneity is low. At the same time, we can also prove that the big fluidity between different samples of inserts. This shows that different mesh insect distribution is different in different areas, namely the insects to inhabit the habitat conditions of selective, through studying the diversity of different groups of insect community in Nansi Lake, this research provides theory basis for utilization and resources protection of insects in Nansi Lake.

Keyword :

Insect, biodiversity, Nansi Lake, China

Author(s) : Lina, J., Jie, Z., Wenwen, Z., Fang, L., Lixia, Y., Fengyue, S., Yujian, L.
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Published Issue : 2021 Vol. 16 Number 1

2021 Vol. 16 Number 1