Reduviidae (Heteroptera: Hemiptera) recorded as new from Odisha, India

Abstract :

The paper presents ten new records viz. Rhynocoris squalus (Distant), Staccia diluta (Stal), Oncocephalus notatus Klug, Oncocephalus fuscinotum Reuter, Ectrychotes dispar Reuter, Androclus pictus (Herr-Schiff), Ectomocoris tibialis Distant, Lisarda annulosa Stal, Acanthaspis quinquespinosa (Fabricius) and Acanthaspis flavipes Stal of the family Reduviidae from the state of Odisha, India. General characters of the group, keys to various taxa, diagnostic characters, synonymies, distribution in India and elsewhere under each species are also provided

Keyword :

Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Odisha

Author(s) : Mukherjee, P., Hassan, M. E.
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Published Issue : 2016 Vol. 11 Number 2

2016 Vol. 11 Number 2