Physicochemical parameters of Ogun River sampled at selected points during the rainy season

Abstract :

The river system constitutes a major source of freshwater supply and no human or animal can survive without it on earth as it constantly replenishes the fluids lost through normal physiological activities like respiration. The study was designed to determine the physicochemical parameters of Ogun River at some selected points;Iberekodo, Ago Ika, Enugada, Sokori and Arakanga in Abeokuta. Sampling was conducted during the rainy season over a period of four months from May to August. Water and sediment samples were collected from the different points. The sediments were collected few distances away from the shore using a grappler. The pH and temperature of the river water was done in-situ using a digital pocket pH meter and mercury glass thermometer respectively. Total Dissolved Solids and Electrical conductivity was done in-situ using a digital pocket pH meter. Nitrate and phosphate was determined using H83200 multiparameter HANNA instrument. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) was determined using Winklers method. All sampling were replicated thrice. The pH and phosphate ranges obtained in this study were higher than all the standards; water temperature, TDS, BOD, Nitrate, and EC ranges were below the standards. The DO was within the standards with a higher upper limit. In conclusion, going by this study, though Ogun River was not heavily polluted compared to the standards of WHO and NESREA, fluctuation of the investigated parameters at the sampling sites could therefore be as result of constant dilution of the river by rainfall and on-going daily human activities at the sites

Keyword :

Ogun River, physicochemical, rainy season, total dissolved solids

Author(s) : Dedeke, G. A., Iwuchukwu, P. O., Oladosu, O. O., Aladesida, A. A., Afolabi, T. A., Bamgbola, A. A., Ayanda, O. I.
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Published Issue : 2018 Vol. 13 Number 2

2018 Vol. 13 Number 2