Occurrence of intestinal parasitic diseases of mice Mus musculus in Gaza and Rafah, Gaza Strip, Palestine

Abstract :

To study the prevalence of intestinal parasites of home mice in Gaza and Rafah, the Gaza strip. This study included the digestive tract of 104 mice; the digestive system was removed after dissection from duodenum to the rectum. Stool samples were taken and saved by preservation SAF. Then the intestine was washed by running water into the sieve and seeing worms were washed with saline solution and then preserved by ethyl alcohol 70%. Stool samples were examined under microscope using saline and iodine using X10 and X40 in the laboratories of the Biology Department. It was found that mice were infected with intestinal parasites with prevalence 48.1% and for coccidia 35.6%. It was possible to identify some species of parasites, especially Giardia and some larvae of the worm and Enterobius. The prevalence of parasites for protozoa was 40.4% and for nematode was 16.3%. It is concluded that mouse is a potential source of intestinal parasites and presence in homes in Gaza strip is highly real risk. Control methods and awareness distribution among Palestinian community should take place, in addition to control mice by conventional traps, and by breeding domestic cats.

Keyword :

Gaza, house mouse, parasites, prevalence, helminth

Author(s) : Al-Hindi, A. I., Meqdad, B., Kishta, R.
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Published Issue : 2021 Vol. 16 Number 1

2021 Vol. 16 Number 1