Longicorn beetles of Karaman province (Turkey) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) with new and interesting taxa

Abstract :

In this article, the data on the Cerambycidae fauna of Karaman province were evaluated. The samples evaluated in the study were collected from 27 different localities in Karaman province between the years 2009-2021. As a result of the evaluation, 82 species group taxa belonging to 34 genera from 7 subfamilies were identified for the Cerambycidae fauna of Karaman province and presented in the text. Among these taxa, 26 species group taxa are endemic to Turkey. Therefore, approximately 32% of the fauna consists of endemic taxa. 58 species groups, taxa, 25 genera and 3 subfamilies identified in the present study are recorded for the first time from Karaman province. In addition, photos of studied taxa are presented at the end of text.

Keyword :

Cerambycidae, fauna, new records, Karaman, Turkey

Author(s) : Özdikmen, H., Koçak, Ö.
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Published Issue : 2022 Vol. 17 Number 1

2022 Vol. 17 Number 1