Invasion of Cyprideis salebrosa (Ostracods, Crustaceans) in Bahia Blanca Estuary, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Abstract :

Large populations of the living benthic ostracoda Cyprideis salebrosa Van den Bold, 1963 are reported for the first time from marsh and intertidal mud flat sediments of the Bahía Blanca estuary (Argentina). C. salebrosa has been found in current sediments of the inner zone of the estuary of  Bahia Blanca in lower densities than 15%. The highest abundance values were recorded in the Villarino Viejo place (VV1-VV4) where 200 individuals of C. salebrosa were found in 6 g of dry-sediment, and the B4 samples from the Club Almirante Brown. At this site C. salebrosa represents from 96 to 100 % of all benthic ostracoda. Towards the mouth and the outer zone of the estuary (site V and VV) C. salebrosa represents approximately from 70 of 100% of the total ostracoda assemblage. The prolific distribution of C. salebrosa the levels of eutrophication in the Bahía Blanca estuary is very important in some places and directly affecting the diversity of ostracod assamblages present; It is C. salebrosa the only species present on the sites with the highest degree of eutrophication. If these conditions continue throughout the benthic community will be affected

Keyword :

Ostracoda, opportunistic species, Bahía Blanca estuary, eutrophication

Author(s) : Kihn, R. G.
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Published Issue : 2017 Vol. 12 Number 2

2017 Vol. 12 Number 2