Genetic variation in Schizothorax curvifrons (Heckel, 1838) along the trophic gradients of Kashmir Valley

Abstract :

The current investigation was intended to assess hereditary changeability in Schizothorax curvifrons from two lakes of Kashmir valley in particular Dal lake, located in Srinagar and Manasbal lake, situated in Safapora, region Ganderbal having different trophic gradients using biochemical genetic marker.The samples were collected from the landing centres of the respective areas. A total of 180 samples were collected after every 10 days for a period of 4 months. SDS-PAGE analysis showed a total number of 17 bands from both populations. 8 bands of Molecular weights ranging from 10 to 150 kDa from Dal were revealed and 9 bands of Molecular weights ranging from 15 to 200 kDa were resolved.The sampled Schizothorax curvifrons populations from the Dal Lake showed three common bands on the gel with the sampled S. curvifrons populations of Manasbal Lake. The common bands had molecular weights of 75kDa, 25kDa and 15kDa.The Rf values of the Manasbal Lake population ranged from 0.07058to0.69411. Similarly in Dal lake population, the Rf values ranged from 0.14117 to 0.77647.This study provides information about the distribution and patterns of genetic variability at intraspecific population level of Schizothorax curvifrons. This investigation likewise uncovers the level of variety in the electrophoretic examples of muscle proteins. The present examination records the protein division varieties at trophic slopes as hereditary clines.

Keyword :

Schizothorax, SDS-PAGE, molecular weight, Rf, genetic marker

Author(s) : Yousuf, Z., Ahmad, I., Shah, T. H., Asimi, O. A., Bhat, F. A., Arab, N., Bazaz, A. I., Razak, N.
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Published Issue : 2022 Vol. 17 Number 1

2022 Vol. 17 Number 1