First record of genus Podagrion (Hymenoptera: Torymidae) in Lebanon

Abstract :

Podagrion pachymerum (Walker, 1833) of family Torymidae was collected in August 2019 in Maasser area at the Shouf Biosphere Reserve (SBR), Lebanon. This is the first record of the genus Podagrion (Spinola 1811) in the country. The collected specimen is part of the project, “STONE” implemented by Al Shouf Cedar Society (ACS) and the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS), which aimed to study insect biodiversity in terrace habitats at SBR, a local natural reserve.

Keyword :

Torymidae, Podagrion, first record, terraces, Lebanon, Shouf Biosphere Reserve

Author(s) : Saab, A. I., Hammad, E. A.-F.
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Published Issue : 2022 Vol. 17 Number 2

2022 Vol. 17 Number 2