Field and laboratory assessment to hygienic behavior of Carniolan Honey Bees with studying impacts of oxalic acid on grooming behavior

Abstract :

In this study, the hygienic behavior of Tatranka and Hontianka Carniolan honey bees of Slovakia and Carniolan bee hybrids of Egypt was studied under field conditions. Also, a new laboratory method to evaluate the hygienic behavior was done. Moreover, the influence of oxalic acid treatments on the grooming behavior of the Carniolan bees was investigated. The results showed that the studied colonies exhibited hygienic trend against dead brood with percent more than 80%, and the best of them was Hontianka. The laboratory method showed that the caged bees were able to exhibit their hygienic trend by uncapping and removing dead brood from the cells. The results suggest that hygienic bees should clean at least 50% of the cells in the laboratory test.  Oxalic acid treatments showed efficacy against Varroa mites and caused increase in the percents of the fallen mites. However, oxalic treatments did not enhance the grooming behavior or even change the attitude of bees against Varroa mites during grooming. The results of this study are essential towards developing naturally resistance Carniolan bees to Varroa mites. The new laboratory method can be considered as a keystone towards easier method to evaluate the hygienic behavior

Keyword :

Carniolan, bees, hygienic, grooming, behavior, oxalic

Author(s) : Abou-Shaara, H. F., Poliak, M., Cermakova, T.
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Published Issue : 2018 Vol. 13 Number 1

2018 Vol. 13 Number 1