Endemic species-group taxa of Cerambycoidea in Turkey (Coleoptera) with chrological data – Part I – Vesperidae and Cerambycidae excluding Dorcadioninae

Abstract :

A list of endemic 154 species and 83 subspecies in Lepturinae, Lamiinae, Cerambycinae and the other 6 smaller subfamilies of Cerambycoidea of Turkey (excluding Dorcadioninae), corresponding to 23.03% of the whole species-group taxa or 45.75% of the whole endemic species-group taxa, is reported in this paper. Total 237 endemic species-group taxa of 60 genera belonging to 9 subfamilies of 2 families are evaluated together with their chorological data in respect of the present study. Of these 9 subfamilies represented in Turkey, in all of them there are endemisms, but while Aseminae and Vesperinae only have 1 endemic species-group taxon, and Necydalinae and Saphaninae each with 2 and Apatophyseinae with 3 and Stenopterinae with 8 endemic species-group taxa, out of the total of 518 endemic species-group taxa. On the contrary, Lepturinae with 87 endemic species-group taxa is strikingly prevailing, Lamiinae with 84 and Cerambycinae with 49 endemic species-group taxa following ones. In Cerambycoidea of Turkey (excluding the richest subfamily Dorcadioninae), the subfamilies Lepturinae, Lamiinae and Cerambycinae with 87 (16.82%), 84 (16.25%) and 49 (9.48%) endemic species-group taxa, respectively, contribute with the highest number of endemics. Also, two genera Cortodera with 44 (18.57%) in the Lepturinae and Phytoecia with 37 (15.61%) in the Lamiinae are strikingly prevailing, and two genera Agapanthia with 15 (6.33%) in the Lamiinae and Vadonia with 10 (4.22%) are the following ones in terms of their endemic species-group taxa. In the same line with this, Lamiinae and Lepturinae, the subfamilies with the highest number of Turkish species-group taxa, 259 (25.17%) and 196 (19.05%), shows 84 (16.25%) and 87 (16.82%) endemics respectively. In addition, Armenian concept with 74 (31.22%) is strikingly prevailing, and the concepts Cilician with 65 (27.43%), Antiochian with 64 (27.00%), Iconian or Lycaonian with 33 (13.92%), and Paphlagonian with 32 (13.50%) endemic species-group taxa are the following ones, according to the number of endemic species-group taxa of Turkish Cerambycoidea (excluding Dorcadioninae) separated by classical regions.

Keyword :

Coleoptera, Cerambycoidea, endemism, species, subspecies, Turkey

Author(s) : Özdikmen, H.
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Published Issue : 2022 Vol. 17 Number 2

2022 Vol. 17 Number 2