Diversity of spider (Araneae: Arachnida) fauna in different districts of Telangana State, India

Abstract :

An updated checklist of spider diversity in Telangana state of India is presented herewith. A total of 121 species of spiders described under 71 genera belonging to 21 families are enlisted that have been recorded/described from only 19 out of 33 districts of Telangana. The maximum number of species of spiders were recorded from Hyderabad district (63 species) followed by Nalgonda (35 species), Medak (27 species), Mahbubnagar (20 species), Ranga Reddy (10 species) and less than 10 species in other districts. No faunal surveys of spiders were conducted in 14 districts of Telangana so far. The largest family appeared in Telangana is Araneidae (25 species) followed by Lycosidae (22 species), Salticidae (14 species), Oxyopidae (9 species) and Tetragnathidae (8 species). Six species of Theraphosidae (tarantulas) recorded from Telangana are put in Red List of IUCN. Remaining 15 families are represented by one to 6 species. Most of the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, forest areas, agricultural fields, human dwellings etc. within the state still await intensive and extensive surveys to record the spider fauna.

Keyword :

Spiders, checklist, faunal distribution, Andhra Pradesh, India

Author(s) : Singh, R., Sharma, A.
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Published Issue : 2022 Vol. 17 Number 2

2022 Vol. 17 Number 2