Distributional scenario of hover flies (Diptera: Syrphidae) from the state of West Bengal

Abstract :

This study altogether includes 96 species of hover flies under 40genera of 3 subfamilies.Our study further includes 4species of hoverflies that are Chrysotoxum quadrifasciatum Brunetti, 1923; Eristalinus (Eristalinus) tabanoides (Jaennicke, 1867); Lycastrisalbipes Walker, 1857 and Eumerus aurifrons (Wiedemann, 1824) which are reported for the first time from the state of West Bengal. Their taxonomic keys and detailed diagnostic accounts, as well as the distributional scenario, have been discussed here with latest updatation of nomenclature pattern

Keyword :

Taxonomy, Diptera, Syrphidae, hover flies, new record, distribution, West Bengal

Author(s) : Sengupta, J., Naskar, A., Maity, A., Homechaudhuri, S., Banerjee, D.
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Published Issue : 2018 Vol. 13 Number 2

2018 Vol. 13 Number 2