Distribution and infestation of Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata Wied.) (Diptera: Tephritidae) on pome and stone fruits in Isparta and Burdur provinces (Turkey)

Abstract :

Investigations on the distribution and the infestation ratio of Ceratitis capitata on pome and stone fruits were carried out between 2000-2002 in Isparta and Burdur provinces, Turkey. The localities and the crops that the adults of the pest were captured by traps as follows: Isparta: Peach: Tepeli, Yukarıgökdere, Gönen; peach and apple: Büyükgökçeli, Yazısöğüt and Sav; Burdur: peach, pear, apple and quince: Gündoğdu, apple: Karapınar, peach: Kuruçay and Düğer. The pest was not found in any other localities surveyed. Emerging period of the adults was coinciding with the harvest time. Therefore there was no damage and hence no economic loss on the harvested fruits. On the other hand, fruits could not be picked from the 50 % of the ungrafted peach plants and 40 % of the fruits left on the trees after harvest were found to be infested with C. capitata larvae. This ratio was determined to be 80-100 % on the fallen fruits. It was determined with this study that Golden apple was suitable host for laying eggs, developing larvae and also forming generations for C. capitata in laboratory conditions. It was put forward with this study that, as the adult population increases on the fruit maturing period no economic damage occurs if the fruits are harvested on time without any delay. It was also determined that, it is better to pick and eradicate the left peach, apple and pear fruits on trees and fallen ones which serve as infection sources in order to reduce the adult population.

Keyword :

Ceratitis capitata, pome and stone fruits, distribution, infestation, Isparta, Burdur, Turkey

Author(s) : Zeki, C., Er, H., Özdem, A., Bozkurt, V.
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Published Issue : 2008 Vol. 3 Number 1

2008 Vol. 3 Number 1