Develeopment of integrated pest managment strategies against lettuce aphid (Hem.: Aphididae)

Abstract :

This study was carried out to reveal the reasons of extreme insecticide usage for aphid management at lettuce production areas in East Mediterranean Region of Turkey and to develop solution for this problem. While there are seven different aphid species that were determined in lettuce field of the region Hyperomyzus lactucae (L.), Myzus (N.) persicae (Sulzer), and Nasonovia ribisnigri (Mosley), (Hemiptera: Aphididae) is most importanat ones among them. The field surveys of biological control agent in lettuce fields show us that Metasyrphus corollae (F.) (Diptera: Sryphidae) and Sphaerophoria scripta (L.) were determined as important biological control agents on lettuce aphids, but the most important and hopefull agent was Fusarium subglutinans, entomopathogen fungi. Chemical control methods to suppress lettuce aphids populations revealed that among active ingredients named Thiomethoxam, Spirotetramat, Pymetrozine used against lettuce aphids, the first two ones have to be applied before closing heart of the lettuce plant. Thus, pest population can be limited under the economic loss threshold

Keyword :

Nasonovia ribisnigri, Myzus (N.) persicae, IPM, thiomethoxam, spirotetramat, pymetrozine, lettuce

Author(s) : Satar, S., Sangün, O., Özdemir, I.
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Published Issue : 2012 Vol. 7 Number 1

2012 Vol. 7 Number 1