Determination of genetic relationships among three ground spiders (Araneae: Gnaphosidae) by using Rapd-Pcr from Turkey

Abstract :

Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD-PCR), was used to determine three Gnaphosidae species, in the study. RAPD-PCR was carried out by using fifty random primers each of them consisted of ten base pairs. Fourteen of these primers gave sufficiently clear and distinguishable bands. Forty eight samples that represented three Gnaphosidae species, Drassodes lapidosus Walckenaer, 1802, Haplodrassus signifer Koch, 1839 and Nomisia ripariensis Cambridge, 1872, were used for RAPD-PCR and they were identified by their molecular characteristics. Genetic polymorphism among these samples was recorded by UPGMA method. The aim of this study was to achieve genetic marker to clearly differentiate and determine the genetic variation of these three samples that collected from different locations of Turkey. Our results showed that RAPD-PCR is an effective, fast and simply alternative method for identification of the spider species

Keyword :

Drassodes lapidosus, Haplodrassus signifer, Nomisia ripariensis, RAPD-PCR, genetic polymorphism

Author(s) : Seyyar, O., Ercan, F. S., Demir, H.
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Published Issue : 2016 Vol. 11 Number 2

2016 Vol. 11 Number 2