Description of a new species and new country records of Tillinae from the Afrotropical region (Coleoptera: Cleridae: Tillinae)

Abstract :

Paradoxocerus massaronei n. sp. from Gabon is described and figured. New country records from the Afrotropical region for the genera Diplocladus Fairmaire, 1885, Isocymatodera Hintz, 1902, Magnotillus Pic, 1936, Paradoxocerus Kraatz, 1899, Strotocera Schenkling, 1902, Teloclerus Schenkling, 1903 and Tillodenops Hintz, 1905are reported for the first time

Keyword :

Coleoptera, Cleridae, Tillinae, Diplocladus, Isocymatodera, Magnotillus, Paradoxocerus, Strotocera, Teloclerus, Tillodenops, new species, country records, afrotropical

Author(s) : Zappi, Iuri
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Published Issue : 2018 Vol. 13 Number 2

2018 Vol. 13 Number 2