Attraction of Simulium damnosum Complex to Pterocarpus santalinoides: A preliminary study

Abstract :

Insects generally respond to varieties of cues but little is known on the attraction of Simulium damnosum sensu lato to plants. The present study investigates the attraction of Simulium damnosum s.l. to Pterocarpus santalinoides along Osun River in South Western Nigeria. Two consented fly capturers were positioned under Pterocarpus santalinoides and a plant of comparable size at Osun Budepo and Osun Eleja both located along Osun river between October to December, 2008. The number of the flies caught under P. santalinoides was statistically higher than the control at both sites with P. santalinoides accounting for 63.86% and 59.39% of the flies collected at Osun Budepo and Osun Eleja respectively (Osun Budepo, F= 218.4, P<0.05; Osun Eleja, F= 147.2, P>0.05). The results therefore demonstrate that the identification of the compounds possibly responsible for the attraction could be used to develop lures for the trapping and control of S. damnosum

Keyword :

Simulium damnosum s.l., Pterocarpus santalinoides, attraction

Author(s) : Adeleke, M. A., Sam-Wobo, S. O., Olatunde, G. O., Akinwale, O. P., Mafiana, C. F.
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Published Issue : 2012 Vol. 7 Number 1

2012 Vol. 7 Number 1