Assessment of stored-product insect pest in export-bound produce from government licensed warehouses in Lagos state, Nigeria

Abstract :

The study examined stored product insect pest in export-bound produce in government licensed warehouses in Nigeria. Four government licensed export bound warehouses (Isolo, Ijora, Ilasamaja and Mile 2) within Lagos metropolis were assessed for storage pest of cocoa, ginger and sesame.  These produce were treated with methyl bromide at the rate of 48g/cm3 for 72hours; aluminum phosphide at the rate of 33g/1000cc and untreated control used for comparison. The assessment was conducted in the laboratory using completely randomized design (CRD). Pests on produce and warehouse, weight loss in produce and efficacy of the treatment used were assessed respectively. Ten pests were predominant on cocoa, six on ginger and two on sesame. The populations of insects differ significantly (p<0.05) in each warehouse assessed while no significant difference was obtained in the population of mites. The population of live and dead insects and mites increased as the days after pesticide application increased. The population of live insects in untreated samples was significantly higher (3.84) than those treated with aluminum phosphide (0.85) and methyl bromide (0.13) of dead insects. Population in samples treated with aluminum phosphide was significantly higher (13.89) compared with methyl bromide treated (11.00) and the untreated (5.15) samples. Significant weight loss of 13.2percent, 3.74percent and 1.71percent were recorded in untreated produce. The weight decreased significantly as the days increased. Two mites were predominantly in sesame. Effectiveness of the chemical showed on the treated produce. More pest population occurred in Mile 2 warehouse

Keyword :

Licensed warehouse, storage pest, produce, insect/mites, pesticide application

Author(s) : Joda, A. O., Akagu, A. A., Obadofin, A. A.
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Published Issue : 2019 Vol. 14 Number 1

2019 Vol. 14 Number 1