An update list of butterflies (Lepidoptera) of Dibru-Saikhuwa National Park, North-East India

Abstract :

Dibru-Saikhouwa National Park, from the eastern most boundary of Assam is a part of Indo-Malayan Biodiversity Hotspot. A detailed study on the diversity of butterfly was carried out from 15 November, 2015 to 10 December, 2015. A total of 127 species were recorded, of which eighteen (10.23%) of these species are of special concern and are listed in W (P) A, 1972. Some important sightings are Anthene lycaenina, Arhopala silhetensis silhetensis, Arhopala bazaloides bazaloides, Mycalesis evansii, Mycalesis gotama, Rhinopalpa polynice birmana etc

Keyword :

Butterflies, Dibru-Saikhowa, Upper Assam

Author(s) : Das, G. N., Tamuly, T., Hussain, A., Boruah, A., Das, S.
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Published Issue : 2017 Vol. 12 Number 2

2017 Vol. 12 Number 2