A faunistic study on the pseudoscorpions (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones) of oak-hornbeam forests in SW Slovakia

Abstract :

The faunistic research on pseudoscorpions was performed at 13 study plots in the Malé Karpaty Mts. and at two study plots in Trnavská pahorkatina hills (SW Slovakia). A faunistic survey of the study area is presented in this contribution. All study plots were situated in oak-hornbeam forests; differed in altitude, mean age of forest stands, floristic composition, degree of human impact and fragmentation. The pseudoscorpions were collected by the square method combined with sifting during eight years. A total of 4051 pseudoscorpion specimens of 12 species and four families were examined during the research in the whole study area. The species Roncus sp. was identified only on the genus level. The species Neobisium carcinoides (Hermann, 1804) was common for all study plots, Roncus sp. and Chernes cimicoides (Fabricius, 1793) were found only at one study plot. From the faunistic point of view, the record of quite a rare species Allochernes peregrinus Lohmander, 1939 was valuable.

Keyword :

Pseudoscorpiones, faunistics, oak-hornbeam forest, Slovakia, Central Europe

Author(s) : Christophoryová, J.
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Published Issue : 2013 Vol. 8 Number 2

2013 Vol. 8 Number 2