A contribution to the picture-winged flies (Diptera: Ulidiidae) from Fars province, Iran

Abstract :

Fars province in the south of Iran was surveyed for Ulidiidae (Insecta: Diptera) during 2009–2010. Four species belonging to 4 genera and 2 subfamilies Otitinae and Ulidiinae were recorded. Of these, Ceroxys hortulana (Rossi 1790) and Ulidia omani Steyskal 1970 are new to the fauna of Iran

Keyword :

Fars province, Iran, Fauna, New record, Ulidiidae, Diptera

Author(s) : Fazel, M. A., Fallahzadeh, M., Gheibi, M.
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Published Issue : 2012 Vol. 7 Number 1

2012 Vol. 7 Number 1